04 Jan

Travel Tips for 2018

2018 is here ~ Happy New Year! What is your New Year’s Resolution? Join a gym? Lose weight? Or better yet ~ save money for an amazing vacation for 2019? Saving money might be the easiest one. Putting a minimum of $100 a paycheck into an evelope is like dropping your loose change into a jar. It grows quickly and soon you’re off traveling somewhere fun! Easier than sticking to the gym routine, that’s for sure.

Good news! You already booked your 2018 vacation. Awesome ~ let’s talk about some Travel Tips you can use while planning, packing and traveling on your well deserved vacation.


1 ~ Make a list. Or several if you are like me. What do you want to do or see on your trip? What will you need to take with you? Lists are my number one friends.

2 ~ If you are traveling to a foreign land where English is a secondary language, learn a few common phrases in the local language. Please, thank you and where is the bathroom are always good ones.

3 ~ This should be #1. Always buy travel insurance. You are protected enroute to your destination should you encounter delays. And in the case of an unforseen medical emergency you have help. Getting hurt or sick can wipe you out. Be prepared!

4 ~ Contact your bank and credit card companies a few days before your depart. They will document that you are traveling and won’t lock your accounts. This will help you avoid embarassing situations if you don’t have loads of cash when your credit card is declined.

5 ~ Let someone you trust at home know your travel plans. Give them your itinerary and photo copies of your passport and travel documents. A nice backup if needed.

6 ~ Pre-plan your outfits. Mix and match tops and bottoms and take only a couple pairs of generic colored shoes. Remember to pack light because you will schlep less.

7 ~ Put your hotel phone number and address in your phone. This will help you in case you get lost.


1 ~ Always pack travel sizes of your personal items – deoderant, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair styling products, lotion, eye glass cleaner. If you are taking a cruise or staying at a resort, unless you are really picky, you can leave shower products home as they will be provided.

2 ~ A first aid or emergency kit is a good idea – small sizes of aspirin or ibuprofen,  antihistamines, antacids, bandages, ointment, nail clippers or file, lip balm.

3 ~ Split up your cash and credit cards. While these need to be on your person or in your carry-on, different pockets or locations are a must. Once at your destination, put extra in a locked safe, too.

4 ~ Separate your personal items between your suitcase and carry-on. Remember only 4 oz or smaller in the carry-on. A small bottle of lotion, toothbrush and an extra pair of undies are a good idea…just in case.

5 ~ Your carry-on should also contain any electronics and charging cables, medications, travel documents, passports and visas, glasses, cameras, money, credit cards and jewelry. Never pack any of these items in checked luggage.

6 ~ Photo copies of your passports and travel documents should also be placed in a hidden spot in your carry-on. Just in case you misplace the originals you have an at-hand backup.

7 ~ Don’t forget to pack an extra camera battery or 2 and keep all of them charged and ready to use. This will help ensure you will not miss ‘the shot’.

8 ~ Think about a sarong or wrap that can be used as a beach cover up or shawl. An extra pair or 2 of quick dry undies could also come in handy.


1 ~ Be flexible. Plan for delays and don’t get upset if they happen. Have patience. You will be a lot less stressed.

2 ~ Stay hydrated on the airplane. This will help you get over jetlag faster.

3 ~ Inquire about the price of public transportation before you take it. You don’t want to be surprised with a high tab at the end of your ride.

4 ~ Ask the locals for recommendations. They live there and will know the good restaurants, coffee shops, sightseeing spots and hangouts. Got a food craving – ask a local.

5 ~ Be aware of public Wi-Fi. Just like at home, never log into bank accounts or any site that you will have to enter passwords. Most hotels will provide Wi-Fi, maybe for a charge, but it should be more secure, so use that instead.

6 ~ Take plenty of photos! Thank goodness for digital pictures that you can see and delete right away. Back in the day, we had to wait for our film to be developed to learn that we got only 1 or 2 good shots. Today you can take tons of pictures with no waiting. These will be your best souvenirs and make great memories!

7 ~ Keep an open mind. Respect the culture and customs of where you are visiting. Be a gracious visitor and you will feel welcomed.

8 ~ Be spontaneous. Don’t plan every minute of your day. Leave some time for ‘unplanned’ moments.

I hope you can find 1 or 2 useful tips to make your time away more precious. You work hard most of the year and certainly deserve to have a wonderful and memorable vacation. Enjoy your travels and make amazing memories you will have for the rest of your life. And don’t forget my Money Saving Tip! Having a Vacation Stash is AWESOME!!

Need some help deciding where to go next? Or what cruise to book? Infinity Travelaz is ready to help you confirm your next amazing travel experience.

The possibilities are endless!

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31 Oct

Is Cruising Solo Affordable?

Is the cost of cruising solo affordable? In today’s world, the answer is yes. At least it is much more affordable than it has been in the past. There are a lot of people that prefer cruising on there own. Some cruise lines are taking notice and accommodating our single travelers. Great news!

Cruising Basics ~ Cruise lines base their pricing on double occupancy. Passengers 1 & 2 typically pay ‘full’ fare each. If the total cabin cost is $1598, each passenger pays $799. BUT…if you want this same cabin for 1 passenger, the cruise fare  for one person would be $1368.25 by most cruise lines logic. The solo traveler gets hit with a 75% single supplement, because the cruise line doesn’t want to ‘lose money’. Sometimes it is as high as 150% for the single supplement!! That is crazy!

Smart cruise lines are realizing that Solo Travelers are more predominate these days and they are losing money by NOT accommodating them. They are becoming creative in their pricing. Score one for the single minded cruiser!  Let’s breakdown what your choices are now that you’re in the catbird seat, so to speak.

Low Single Supplements ~ Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises offers a single supplement of only 25% on cabin categories C1 – E3. Another luxury line Silverseas also has a few cabin categories with single supplements as low as 25% on select cruises. And the wonderful things about these cruise lines is that they tend to be more ‘all-inclusive’ than the mass market lines.

Special Promotions for Solo Travelers ~ At certain times of the year, several cruise lines will drop the single supplement fee all together or charge only 10% of the regular full fare. These ‘sales’ are limited to select itineraries, departure dates and specific cabin categories, however you can save a lot of money if you are flexible.

River Cruises ~ Avalon Waterways and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises reserve a small number of their lower category cabins and waive the fees for solo travelers. As soon as an itinerary is offered for sale, contact us to book it for you! Plan ahead and your on your way!

Ocean Cruises ~ Norwegian Cruise Line was the first line to offer cabins and a lounge specifically for Solo Travelers called The Studios. These interior cabins are super popular and sell out very quickly! The lounge is the perfect place to meet other single travelers for drinks or snacks. Royal Caribbean has created ‘virtual balconies’ in their interior solo cabins, and Holland America and Cunard have also stepped up with a few designated solo cabins on select ship. These solo cabins are always priced with no single supplement.

Roommate Matching ~ A few cruise lines offer the opportunity to match you with another same gender and age range passenger to share a cabin with. While not for everyone, this is another option to avoid single supplement fees. Holland America and Princess Cruises offer a free service that attempts to find you a roommate, as does Linblad Expeditions. If Linblad can’t find you the perfect match, they will book you in your own cabin without charging you the single supplement.

Some of these suggestions require monitoring the cruise line’s offers and promotions in order to grab up the best option. Infinity Travelaz will be happy to notify you when these become available, just let us know of your interests. We can handle all the details for the roommate matching as well. #BenefitOfUsingATravelAgent


19 Oct

Since We’re Talking Cruising….

You’ve boarded your ship and it is setting sail. Bon Voyage! You’re on your way to a great new adventure! It is such an awesome feeling! Nothing like sailing away from your home port and heading out to sea. I get chills every time!

Since we’re talking cruising….let’s get real for a moment. There are a few things you encounter onboard that might make you a little less giddy. You know it’s true, no matter how many times you have cruised, some things just rub you the wrong way. You can’t help it, it just is. For those of you in denial, you are asking yourself, “What the heck is she talking about“? Thank you so much for asking. Read on!

Always Feeling Lost ~ After years of cruising I still find that I am prone to turning the wrong way when I get off the elevator to find my stateroom. Or go to the wrong end of the ship to find the theatre. The tiny map you get when you check in is not always a big help. Solution? We have made it a point for the first day of every cruise we take to walk the ship front to back and get a sense of where everything is located. If you have a cabin in the aft or forward this makes things easier. But if you’re like me and like a mid-ship cabin you have a 50/50 shot of getting lost. (Ask my husband….)

Slow Internet ~ Okay, I can see some of you nodding your heads up and down! Internet on most cruise lines is notoriously SLOW. Or doesn’t work all together. Even though there have been recent improvements – For instance Royal Caribbean’s VOOM, it is not perfect. Solution? Find time when you are in port for a cocktail or lunch and connect on the free Wi-Fi offered in almost all portside restaurants or shops. **Remember to keep your phone or tablet in Airplane Mode to avoid exorbitant data charges**.

People That Do Not Wash Their Hands OR Use The Hand Sanitizer ~ And trust me, there are hand sanitizer stations at the entrance to every dining venue and also ship staff spraying sanitizer on your hands. But yet, people slip by without sanitizing anyway. These are probably the same people that never wash their hands when using the bathrooms, too! Solution? Go to a different buffet line than they do or eat in a sit-down restaurant.

Cruise Ship Photographers ~ You know, the people always trying to snap your photo when you’re at dinner. Every night…. Or as you disembark at your ports of call. You know, they have the giant parrot with them? Jeese….don’t they know I am having a bad hair day?  Solution? Say no thank you. It’s okay to do that, you are not under any obligation. Or just smile pretty and never go to the photo gallery to find your $20 8×10 bad shots. I can tell you in all the years I have cruised, I have not bought very many ship board take photos. Honestly, for professionals they always get my bad side!

Next-Door Cabin Neighbors ~ Blaring TVs, slamming doors, talking loudly or the worst is smoking on the balcony completely disregarding the non-smoking policy. I have noticed a lot of these things in more recent cruises I have taken. People tend to think more about themselves these days than others, which I find very sad. I really try to be a good neighbor. Solution? A call to the Cabin Steward or Ship Security might help. Or earplugs if you can stand them. Not much else can be done, unfortunately.

The Chair Hogs ~ You know who I am talking about. The ones that spread their towels out over all the prime lounge chairs at 6am. And they never show up until noon. This is so lame and it drives me nuts. Same goes for people sitting at large tables in the buffet that won’t share their space – EVER. Hey guys, we are all on this ship together, let’s get along! Solution? Consider paying for space in the exclusive sun-deck or adult only areas that come with a priority loung chair assignment. Or eat only in the sit-down dining areas.

The Announcements ~ Sometimes they come over the loud speaker outside your cabin and you can never hear them unless you open the door to your stateroom. OR they come over the speaker right over your bed and scare the daylights out of you. And what is so important about the daily activities that you can’t read about in your daily newsletter? Solution? Don’t open your door or wear earplugs when you go to sleep. It is is an emergency, you will be more than aware when they repeat if over and over. Honestly, the only thing more annoying is when the captain on your airplane is making his routine announcement and you cannot understand one word he says.

Children ~ If you are on one of the mainstream mega ships, kids are everywhere! Of course, the mega ships cater to families of all ages, so if you sail on one, be prepared. They’re in the hot tubs, or running up and down the stairs. Where are the kids clubs? Solution? You have a few actually. If you do not have kids of your own, work with your Travel Agent to find cruises that are more geared to adults with less children board. OR if the itinerary is so perfect you are taking the cruise anyway, hang out in the adult only areas of the ship.

Over-Priced Drinks ~ And you can’t smuggle your own liquer onboard anymore, either. Even if all you want is a great cup of coffee or a soda, what is the deal with paying a couple of dollars and a gratuity on a food-inclusive cruise? Why are the cocktails so darn expensive? What happened to the good ole days when you plunked down a $20 bill and you could get a few good drinks? Oh yes, I remember the days of cash on cruise ships. Solution? Book a cruise where the cruise line is offering a FREE beverage package so all your drinks are included. Or book a premium to luxury cruise where everything is included, sometimes even a shore excursion in every port like Viking Ocean Cruises. Yes, you pay more up front. But you also are not nickel and dimed for everything and you don’t have a huge onboard bill at the end of your cruise. Really in the end the cost is about equal.

Long Lines ~ If you opt to go to the buffet or choose anytime dining, you might have a bit of a wait for a table. Getting on and off the ship can be a challenge if you’re in a hurry. Lines are a part of the cruise life, right? Not necessarily. How can I say that with a straight face? Solution? If you are loyal to one cruise line you will build status with them. That status comes with extra perks. Perks like priority restaurant access and priority boarding. If you don’t have cruise line status, then book a suite and you will get the priority accesses as well. If you do not want to spend the extra money,  try to avoid the peak times in the buffet. Also, if you can wait a bit, take your time getting off the ship in port. And don’t wait until the last minute to get back on.

I may sound like I am complaining, but really I am not. I think everyone that cruises has felt some of these irritations at one time or another. Don’t get me wrong in the least ~ I LOVE CRUISING!!! And in reality, you can let your emotions get the better of you anywhere. This is a tongue-in-cheek look at the best vacation you can possibly take. Okay maybe my opinion, but myself and several thousands of other cruise passengers can’t be all wrong. I’ve said it before and still believe CRUISING ROCKS!!!!

There are 13 days left in CLIA’S Plan a Cruise Month. Don’t miss out on these opportunites for extra perks and promotional offers that our cruise line partners have created for you.

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30 Sep

Plan A Cruise Month ~ October 2017

October is Plan a Cruise Month and it is almost here! Now is the time to take advantage of the great promotions and book your 2018/2019 cruise vacation. Check in on Infinity Travelaz’s Facebook page daily for up-to-date posts with all the details! FACEBOOK

So why should you book a cruise? What makes it the best type of vacation that you should take? Besides the obvious reason that it is a floating resort with great entertainment, lots of dining choices and the chance to travel to several destinations without having to pack and unpack numerous times; there is no wasted time flying from one city or island to another. Which means you have no lost vacation time traveling between places that you visit.

You wake up everyday with a new view. If you book a balcony stateroom, you can enjoy a cup of coffee (or a cocktail) and fresh air sitting on your veranda experiencing the changing scenery go by. Especially nice if you are in the ‘my time’ frame of mind. Also a big advantage when crusing in Alaska and you don’t want to fight for a place at the on deck railing to get a glimpse of the glaciers.

Talking about dining choices, you have amazing food options to try! Gourmet cuisine is offered in specialty restaurants giving you the chance to finally try escargot. Or order double lobster tails for dinner. Dying to try cavier? Go ahead! And while you’re at it, order another slab of that mouth watering prime rib. Extra deserts? Yes, please! Even 24/7 room service is available if you feel like chillin in your cabin.

Don’t be afraid of being bored or feeling crowded. Onboard Cruise Directors keep the party going all day (and night) long. Kids age appropriate clubs allow the under 18 year olds to have their own special activities. Swimming pools with amazing water slides, casinos, movie theaters, bingo and outstanding Broadway style nightly entertainment will ensure you are as busy as you want to be. Or not, go to the Spa or find a lounge chair and take a nap. It’s really up to you and what make you happy.

Think about what you just read above. You’re in a ‘resort at sea’ traveling to new destinations. Lots of activities along with world-class entertainment and can eat whatever you want to ~ whenever you want to. The value of a cruise vacation over land based vacations stands alone. A cruise includes most of your food, your lodging, entertainment and transporation from port to port for as little as $70 per person per day for an inside stateroom. Definately more bang for your buck, so to speak.

My first cruise was in 1979 (I know, right…) and I was hooked! The experience is magical really. You meet the nicest people on a cruise ship, some even become life long friends. It is like you’re in a different world when you are cruising. I hope I can continue to take cruise vacations for a long time. It really is addicting. I started out booking oceanview cabins, then we tried a balcony. OMG that was great! Last time we upgraded to a mini-suite. I think I am in love! I can’t wait until my next one….in November. Cruising ROCKS!

To sum it all up, these and many more reasons are why you need to make the choice and book a cruise. You won’t regret it! River or ocean, mega ships with 5000 of your best friends or small ships with just 50 passengers; cruising is amazing! We have only talked about personal vacations. What about a group cruise with your fine wine club or 40th class reunion? Groups give you the chance to sail for FREE!! Another added bonus! No matter the reason, CLIA’s Plan A Cruise Month this October is the time to get yours planned and booked. ‘Come Sail Away’ with me!

01 Sep

Why Do I Love to Cruise?

Sometimes, people just don’t understand why I love to cruise so much. They don’t get it! Seems simple enough to me. Pack my stuff, get on a ship, unpack my stuff and kick back and relax for a week or 2. What’s not to love? If you are addicted to cruising, you probably get asked the same questions I do over and over. You got to love it!

Why don’t you just stay in a hotel? ~ I get asked this alot. In my mind you can’t even compare a hotel stay to taking a cruise. A cruise offers so much more than a hotel room! Good food, ocean breeze, great entertainment and traveling from port to port without have to pack up and move out of my cabin.

Haven’t you ever seen the movie Titanic? ~ Uh, yeah, who hasn’t? And no, I am not worried about the ship sinking.

How do you afford to cruise so often? ~ One of the best things about taking a cruise is how affordable they are. At a little over $100 a night per person, a 7 night cruise is pretty inexpensive. That cost includes all meals and snacks, accommodations and onboard entertainment. If you went to a resort and ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks you would spend well over $100 per person per day.

Don’t you get bored on sea days? ~ Not at all! The more you cruise the more you look forward to the sea days. Sometimes I skip going ashore to enjoy more time on the ship.

Aren’t you worried about pirates? ~ You need to read less romance novels and get out more. Those swashbucklers aren’t coming after a cruise ship.

Why don’t you just fly to all the places you want to see? ~ That would get real expensive pretty quickly. And take up a lot of time hanging out at airports when you could be relaxing by the pool enroute to your next port. And going through cruise ship security is way better than going through the TSA 2 -3 times a week. No thank you!

Why do you post so many cruise pictures and articles on Facebook? ~ Cruising is the best vacation I can take and I love it. Why wouldn’t I want to share my experiences? Isn’t that the point of Facebook? Sharing what you love?

Don’t you get seasick? ~ Modern cruise ships are lots more stable than they used to be. Most of the time you can’t even tell you are at sea. For those that do get motion sickness, there is the patch, the bracelet and Dramamine that work wonders. And me personally, no I do not get seasick. The motion is like rocking in a giant cradle and lulls me to sleep!

How much weight did you gain on your last cruise? ~ LOL…..next question.

Aren’t you worried about falling overboard? ~ It is next to impossible to fall overboard. Unless you are highly intoxicated, pushed or trying really hard, it just does not happen.

Do they let you drive the boat? ~ You are kidding, right? Only authorized personnel are allowed on the bridge – like the Captain.

Aren’t you in danger of getting the Norovirus? ~ Outbreaks on cruise ships might only happen once or twice in a year. You’re in more danger of catching the Norovirus at a land based resort than you are on a cruise ship. Practicing proper hand hygiene keeps you healthier on a cruise and at home. Washy washy!

Aren’t you afraid of sailing into a hurricane? ~ Cruise lines continually monitor weather patterns where they are scheduled to cruise. If there is a threat of any major storm, they will reposition the itinerary and cruise away from the projected hurricane path. A small disappointment if your heart is set on a particular port of call, but it is still better than cancelling your vacation. I’m in wherever they take me!

Cruising is a great value for your vacation dollars. Where there is water, there is a chance to take a cruise. Oceans or rivers, cruise ships are ready to take you on an amazing adventure. Click on the button below to go to my Virtuoso website. Booking with a Virtuoso Advisor gets you extra perks when you take a cruise. Virtuoso Voyages also give you a host on board along with these extra perks. Take a look then contact me to book!

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26 Jul

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

You have decided on a cruise and you’re ready to place deposit. Congratulations! You are going to have an awesome vacation! And then your Travel Agent asks if you would like to add Travel Insurance. You’re thinking ‘Why buy Travel Insurance?’ And what is the difference between the vendor’s Travel Protection and Travel Insurance? I am going to break it all out for you, and why it is to your benefit.

First, let’s talk about the vendors Travel Protection. For the most part, this is mainly to protect your investment if you have to cancel your cruise after their cancellation penalties kick in. Depending on the cruise line, you will be able to cancel at the last minute without a penalty, but the reimbursement is typically in the form of a voucher. The voucher will only be valid with that vendor and you will have a limited time to use it. Rarely does it cover anything else.

Now let’s talk about Travel Insurance. Infinity Travelaz uses and recommends Travel Guard Insurance, so I can only speak to that company. On a personal level, I purchase it every time I travel ~ it is worth the piece of mind. On a business level, I want to recommend a plan that I know will take care of my valued customers from the time they place a deposit on their vacation until they walk in the door when they return home. There are a few key components that give me that warm fuzzy feeling of protection. Read on…

The number 1 item of importance to me is that with several of their plans, you are covered under a pre-existing medical condition waiver. What does that mean exactly? In a nutshell it means that if there is an existing medical condition at the time you book your trip and changes occur so that you are unable to travel, you can cancel and get a full reimbursement ~ in cash. There are rules to this of course: 1 ~ The traveler must be medically able to travel at the time the insurance is purchased. 2 ~ ALL non-refundable componets of your trip must be insured under the eligible policy. 3 ~ The eligible policy MUST be purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment. Not too strict and the best part is this covers you-the traveler, a traveling companion, a business partner or a family member.

Travel Guard has several different plans to fit all kinds of needs and budgets. Last minute getaway? The Pack ‘N Go plan is perfect! Planning a year in advance? Choose from eligible plans that include the pre-existing medical condition waiver like the Silver, Gold or Travel Guard Plus plans. These plans are priced by the state you reside in, your age and the cost of the vacation. Depending on the plan you choose, you will recieve different levels of Trip Cancellation, Trip Delay, Missed Connection, Baggage & Personal Effects, Baggage Delay, Accident Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and many other available inclusions.

The beauty of all this is that for a small investment, you will be protected in case you need to cancel due to one of the qualifying pre-existing conditions, file a claim and receive a full reimbursement. Up until my elderly mother passed away last year, I always worried when I booked a cruise. What if something happened and I had to cancel? Because I always purchase Travel Guard’s Gold Plan, I am always covered. None of us can predict the future, however protecting your investment can help with any unforseen issues that arise.

Are you a dare devil when you’re away from home? Can’t wait to try cliff diving, zip lining or ATV touring? Even hiking mountain or canyon trails can cause problems if you slip and fall. We don’t live or vacation in a bubble and we can’t skip having fun. But IF something happens and you have to seek local medical attention, you are covered. And you have 24/7 access to Travel Guard’s World Wide Service Center. Calling only one number will get you emergency assistance, medical assistance, concierge services, personal security assistance and travel assistance.

As you can see, a Travel Guard Plan is well worth thinking about over a vendor’s trip protection. And most of the time it is less expensive and it obviously covers a lot more. When you book your vacation with Infinity Travelaz, we will have a discussion about your options. And if you want more indepth information, one phone call to their Concierge Desk will ease your mind. You will spend good money for your vacation. Protect your investment so you can travel without a care in the world. That is what memories are made from!

“All great journeys begin with a dream!”

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10 Jul

Travel Mistake Free

I just read a great article about the mistakes people make when traveling. I think it is worth visiting and breaking down the mistakes. Think of this as a DIY guide to traveling mistake free!

Know the Destination You Will be Visiting

Most people don’t spin the globe, blindfold themselves and pick a place to go. For the most part, we hear of a destination from friends that have visited there or we see it on TV. Shows like The Bachelor film in amazing locations that make us want to go. But what do you really know about it?

You need to do a little homework and research, even if you are going to use a travel agency. If you have no knowledge of where it is you are going, you won’t understand the nuances of the destination. If you pick the location based purely on what you see on TV, you may not have that WOW experience . It is imperative that you check things out so you know if it is a good fit for you. Then Infinity Travelaz will do the rest to ensure your vacation is amazing!

Just Because Your Neighbor Loved it……..

This is my favorite ‘Don’t do it!’ mistake people make. Your family or friends travel somewhere and think just because they loved it,  you will too. It does not always work that way. Vacations are not one size fits all adventures. Especially when it comes to cruising. I have a big list of ‘dont’ do what they do’ recommendations for first time cruisers that I always share when starting the planning process. We will talk about your needs and desires and then recommend the right cruise experience for YOU.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

A great game people love to play is waiting until the last minute to book a cruise because the cruise line will lower the rates to sell out the cruise. While this is sometimes true, you will NOT get the extra perks those that planned ahead get. Generally speaking I recommend my clients book a cruise about a year in advance, give or take a few months. If you do this you get the best cabin location choices, booking incentives like beverage packages or pre-paid gratuities and lower deposit amounts. Booking at the last minute gets you whatever cabin is left available with no choice of location and no ‘freebies’. In my opinion, you get the best value out of your vacation dollars  when you plan ahead.

Let’s Just Wing it!

How many times have you decided to just take off and be spontaneous? I have on road trips, but to date I have never booked a last minute vacation expecting it to be perfect. Flying to Cancun smack dab in the middle of hurricane season because you did not look at the weather will not be an enjoyable experience. Let’s face it, there are just a few things that need to be considered when taking off for a quick getaway and weather is certainly a big factor.

Value or Deal?

Travelers will spend hours and hours searching the internet for the ‘Best Deal’. Finding the week long package at a new all-inclusive resort for dirt cheap sounds amazing. Until you get there and realize they have opened only part of the resort and the rest is still under construction. Only 1 of the 3 sparkling pools is open as well as only the buffet restaurant because the specialty dining restaurants aren’t built yet. You begin to see that they embelished their advertisement to get business. This is where Infintity Travelaz will be invaluable in finding you an amazing resort for a decent price where the chances of your vacation being FANTASTIC comes into play. Trust your Travel Agent to know what is an incredible value for your travel dollars.

Know Your Logistics

When you are traveling abroad you need to consider jetlag. It is real, trust me. You leave the U.S. in the morning, fly overnight and arrive in your destination 1 or 2 days later (depending where you are traveling) at O Dark Thirty. You’re tired and want to get to your hotel and sleep. That is the #1 mistake travelers make. You need to adjust your body clock by staying awake. Freshen up, go exploring a little bit and try to keep going until night time. Go to bed early, get a good night sleep and be ready to take on the day in the morning. This will make a huge impact on how much you enjoy the first part of your vacation.

Driving in a Foreign Country

Did you know that in Europe and Australia drivers sit on the opposite side of the car and the ‘controls’ are on the wrong side for U.S. drivers. Cars are a lot smaller than what we are used to, and in my opinion they all drive crazy! Have you heard about 100 mph on the Autobahn? It’s true! My point is thinking you can just ‘go rent a car and take off’ when you are in a new country is not always that simple. Can you drive a stick shift? How about when you’re sitting on the opposite side of the car? Take this into consideration, plan ahead and maybe hire a driver to take you around. You will enjoy your vacation so much more than if you are frazzled by the car and the other drivers.

Know What to Pack…

Pack suitable to your destination and HOW you are vacationing. It is never a good idea to bring a suitcase the size of a refrigerator. You will have to pay extra to check it on your flight and it will be a nightmare to transport it to your cruise ship or resort once you reach your destination. AND you don’t need to bring everything you own with you anyway! Over packing is a huge mistake people make all the time. Are you really going to wear 10 pairs of shoes? No, you’re not. I include packing suggestions in all my document packages and always advise my clients to travel light. At some point on every vacation you will be schlepping your bags around. It will be easier to have less to worry about and for you to manuver. I have gotten really good at mixing and matching my outfits. Roll your clothes carefully ~ they won’t get too wrinkled and you can get more into a smaller piece of luggage. Infinity Travelaz has lots of GREAT ideas we share with our travelers. We want you to enjoy your time away!

Granted, none of these ‘mistakes’ are the end of the world. But, I hope you find the suggestions useful. Even seasoned travelers need a fresh perspective once in a while. Infinity Travelaz loves to travel and we are here to help.  And add a chuckle or 2 to your day.

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26 Jun

Want to Travel for Free?

Are you asking yourself if this is for real? Would you like to travel for free? Who wouldn’t right? How can you do it? Simple ~ I will tell you how.

If you are wanting to take a cruise and have a group of friends you can round up to go with you, you could go on the cruise for free. How does this work? In the cruise industry there is a pretty standard policy with most of the major cruise lines that for every 16 people that travel together in an organized group, 1 person will get a free berth. So how can you accomplish this? You call your Travel Agent ~ Infinity Travelaz.

The basics:  The qualifying minimum is 8 cabins bought with 2 people per cabin and 1 of the 16 passengers gets to sail for free. This means the larger the group, the more people that can sail for free. 32 passengers in 16 cabins ~ 2 people can go for free. 48 passengers in 24 cabins ~ 3 people can go for free.

The meat:  Let’s say you have 50 people that all want to go on the same cruise. You have organizational skills so you decide to volunteer to be the ‘Group Leader’. You call Infinity Travelaz and we say, “Awesome! Let’s plan a night where we can get everyone together to discuss the cruise and start the ball rolling.” We will contact the cruise line and see if they can kick in some giveaway goodies and possibly get our BDM to join us for our ‘Kick-off Party’ to help enthuse and encourage people to place their deposits that night. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You as the Pied Piper (group leader) need to keep track of who pays, when the next payment is due, obtaining their correct documentation, keeping it all in order and working along with us to ensure the best possible cruise experience for everyone.

The extras:  Back to the free berths. Most likely you as the Pied Piper should receive 1 of the free spaces, you have earned it by taking charge. So if you have 50 people that confirm with paid deposits, you will have 3 free berths. You take one and you can either select some means of awarding the other 2 freebies OR you can choose to ‘share the wealth’ with everyone and spread the savings amongst the other 49 people…everyone gets an additional little discount on their cruise cost! Outstanding! Not only that, the earlier you start the whole process, the better the on board perks you earn for your group from the cruise line. Cocktail parties, free meeting space or on board spending credits. We will work with the cruise line to determine what is available for your group and you, the Pied Piper will decide what perks you think will work best.

While there are a few more details that are involved during the process, the bottom line is with a little extra work on your part, you can take an amazing cruise vacation for FREE! Think a little further ahead and you could potentially do this every year. 9 out of 10 groups that sail together will book their next years cruise before they even leave the ship! Infinity Travelaz will even go along with you if you group is large enough, leaving you more time to have fun.

Now is the time to get started! If you or anyone you know is looking to travel with a group, Infinity Travelaz is but a phone call or email away! Our contact information is at the top of the page. Or click here to check out your cruise options.


16 Jun

Too Good to be True, or is it?

Let’s talk about those ‘too good to be true’ offers we all see while surfing the internet. Just 5 easy payments of $39.95, plus shipping and handling. But wait! There’s more! If you call in the next 30 minutes….. Does this happen when you’re looking for the perfect vacation? Sadly, yes, it does.

There are a lot of ‘travel websites’ out there that promise you ‘a week in sunny Mexico in an oceanfront suite at a 5 star resort with roundtrip airfare and transfers for just $599 per person.’ Does that really even make sense if you stop and think about it? The airfare alone will more than likely be $599 per person. How could any resort offer a prime location suite for $0.00 for 7 days? But, the pictures make it look so romantic… Seriously?!

The truth of it is in today’s world of so many underhanded swindlers out there, you could very well be paying money for nothing. No vacation, no 5 star resort. Here is a quote from an article I just read entitled ‘Online Travel Fraud Attacks Agents and Consumers.’ It reads “The statistics and warnings come from a report Forter recently published with the Merchant Risk Council. Forter CEO and co-founder Michael Reitblat noted that it is very easy for fraudsters to buy  a travel package and then ‘resell’ it online, effectively setting themselves up as a “fake travel agent.” You buy it, but you will never ‘get’ the vacation.

So how do you prevent this from happening? You want a good deal, but you should be very careful about who you pay your hard earned money to. What do you do? You work with a Travel Agent you know is reputable, one that comes with a referral from a trusted friend. A Travel expert that will find you a great property, with good flights, at a fair price. An agent that gives you knowledge and value for your vacation dollars. Seems logical right? You’re paying for a real vacation at a good price and you have a real person that you trust handling it all for you ~ just like your dentist, your doctor or your car mechanic.

Why, then, do so many people search and search for the rock bottom price and think they found ‘the most amazing deal!’ BUT are totally surprised when they find out they have been ripped off. It happens all too often, because there are people out there that just love sticking it to the consumer without a second thought.

Infinity Travelaz is an agency you can trust. We have top rated supplier partners and belong to a travel network that is amazing! Virtuoso ~ the Leader in Luxury Travel, Montrose Travel ~ an affiliate with Virtuoso Travel and one of the top five Hosting Agencies in the U.S., and Radius Travel ~ the top Corporate Travel Management company in the world. Pretty impressive line up! We are backed up by all of the amazing partners associated with our travel network which gives us an incredible foundation!

Yes we have an online presence, you have to in our technology driven world. You will find our 4 sites on the internet as well as a page or 3 on Facebook. There are other places we pop up from time to time, but the important thing to remember is this. All of our websites and social media posts ask you to contact us directly to get further information and to book your vacation. We like the personal touch of helping create your memorable vacation with you! We are the real deal! This Travel Advisory will offer you options, help you make the right decision, try to get extra perks for you and be ready to hear all about it when you return home. So, if you are ready to book……

Contact Infinity Travelaz

30 May

Cheap Airfare

Everyone is looking for cheap airfare. Right? Who wants to spend a lot of money on an airline ticket? How many times have I heard “I want the cheapest airfare!” You should be careful what you ask for…..

The 3 major U.S. carriers – American, Delta and United Airlines have rolled out ‘Basic Economy’ airfares. Yes, they are cheap. But what do you get for paying next to nothing for the airline ticket? Next to nothing. Less is more, right? Not necessarily.

You will not get a seat assignment in advance. If you are traveling with children, this can be a problem. You will not have access to the overhead compartment. If you bring an item onboard that is too large to go under the seat infront of you, they might gate check it-for the full on checked bag cost. Banking on that upgrade? Not going to happen with a Basic Economy fare, no matter what your frequent flyer status is. Have a change of plans? You will be purchasing another ticket because Basic Economy fares cannot be changed, even for a change fee. ‘Use it or lose it.’

These fares are being offered in most domestic markets and some short haul international markets. What this means is that reading the fare rules is more important now that ever before. For the consumer and Travel Advisors. If you aren’t aware of the fare rules  of the ticket you purchased, you will be in for some unpleasant surprises when you arrive at the airport.

What the airlines hope to accomplish by this is enticing their customers to purchase up to the next highest fare. Most people don’t want the ‘nickel and dime’ mentality of bare bones airlines that charge you to purchase your ticket, charge you to pick a seat, charge you to check-in online, charge you to check your luggage and charge you to have a carry on. I don’t know many people that travel without luggage or a carry on, or don’t care about which seat they get when they fly.

The moral to this story is read the small print. Don’t click the ‘Buy Now’ button unless you know exactly what you are buying. Know what is important to you when you travel and if you are traveling with children, do not assume you can fix this at the gate the day you board your flight. There are a lot more people flying these days than ever before, so it is a good idea to purchase the correct airfare to fit your needs right from the start. I go by the adage ‘better safe than sorry’.